‚ÄčComposite Construction


We are proud to bring the EAA Sportair Workshop series to Canada.  All Sportair Canada activities are conducted by Experimental Aircraft Association Chapter 1410, High River AB, under license by Experimental Aircraft Association, Inc.

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High River, Alberta

Course length: 2 days


EAA members  $475  ($350 usd)

Non-members $525  ($385 usd)

Composites (Fiberglass) Construction is used in aircraft

construction to some degree in nearly every homebuilt

aircraft project imaginable.  It may be the main building

material used as in the 'Fast Glass' kits, or maybe just used

for wing or gear fairings, maybe the engine cowling.  Whether the main plane be built of wood, tube, or metal, you will have to dabble in some composite construction before your project is done.  This Composite Construction course will introduce you to basic composite building techniques and take the mystery out of this (sticky) building technique.

The course concentrates largely on epoxies and their use in aircraft projects. Extensive hands on training and practice will be the mainstay of this class. We'll start out with a detailed classroom presentation on all aspects of composite materials and the tools required. The "lab" portion of the course begins with the construction of a composite sandwich panel to illustrated molded and moldless construction. Then, a canard airfoil shape is fabricated using hot wire techniques and moldless composite sandwich construction methods.

We'll continue by fabricating a joint using standard laminate bonding techniques. Free form molding is discussed and you will also make a simple model and molded part using commonly available materials. Inspection, repairs and hard points are discussed. Finishing techniques of composite surfaces are discussed and demonstrated. Vacuum bagging techniques are presented and demonstrated as well. An overview of constructing molds and parts is also presented.

This course is very in-depth in its scope. A high degree of confidence in the composite area will be gained by the end of the two-day period. The class includes all materials and a very informative workbook along with a completion certificate to proudly display.