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High River, Alberta


Still being built... so untested...

​Flight Testing Homebuilt Airplanes

Course Length:  2 days


EAA members  $475  ($350 usd)

Non-members  $525  ($385 usd)

This course is a must if you intend to test-fly your homebuilt.  

It would be of great value to those that want to learn the flight

qualities of any aircraft, or if you intend to develop an accurate Pilot Operating Handbook for your already flying homebuilt.

The course syllabus is based on proven test flight procedures, starting with the very first flight and than expanding the flight test envelope.  It works on the premise that flight profiles are kept within the capability of the novice pilot and homebuilder, but assist in developing their knowledge and experience to make the flying safe, practical, and intimate with the aircraft.  Exercises are designed to help the pilot gather the flight test data, interpret it, and write it into a Pilot Operating Handbook for their specific aircraft.  This course is taught by an experienced aircraft builder who has flight-tested all of his homebuilt aircraft.  The course material is produced by Rob Erdos, Chief Test Pilot for the Research Council of Canada.

We are proud to bring the EAA Sportair Workshop series to Canada.  All Sportair Canada activities are conducted by Experimental Aircraft Association Chapter 1410, High River AB, under license by Experimental Aircraft Association, Inc.